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acidsundays ([personal profile] acidsundays) wrote2010-07-18 11:44 pm

Good Genes?

Alright so over at Garden of Shadows, I had to participate in the Good Genes III challenge.   So I booted up the sims 2 which I hadn't done since the sims 3 came out.  I'll be playing a lot more of sims 2, I think I realized I like the sims 2 a lot more.  Anyway I think my entry was really quite beautiful, as well as her brother and sister, I'll get around to posting them eventually.  But Here she is for your simming pleasure!  I give you *drum roll please* Willow Snootles

all the offspring in the Snootles clan were named after characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series.  mainly because I am still obsessed with the show. 

and her CC list

as far as my policy goes for the sims stuff, do what you like with her.  please give credit when credit is due, do not claim her as your own and absolutely no paysites.

giant non-resized photo of Willow

get her here

and here is a sneak peak at her sister Buffy  *before you click, the photo is giant.  you have been warned.

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